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Sara & Marc: A Wyndate Country Club Wedding

Wyndgate Country Club

August feels like an eternity from today, but I bet it doesn’t for Sara & Marc who tied the knot for their beautiful Wyndgate Country Club wedding.  In just spending a few days with these two for their Ann Arbor engagement and wedding day, I know that they’re still reveling in the emotions that were running through their wedding day.  I nearly fell over when I saw Sara in her pink wedding dress by Madison James. Honestly, she took everyone’s great away especially Marc’s when she came floating down the aisle wth her dad at her side. It wasn’t an ordinary August wedding day with blue skies and such.  No, it was rathe one of those early fall days that Mother Natures throws out every once in awhile mixed with blue skies, angry clouds and raindrops. And this is exactly what happened to Sara & Marc on their wedding day. The kids were a beautiful blue for most of the day, then these big rain clouds moved in, teasing us with pops of sunshine too.  And jus as Sara & her dad stepped outside, we saw the rainclouds let loose, as I watched my second Hannah hand over her umbrella to them.  Laughter at the irony of the day filled the moments s we saw a concerned Marc up at the front wonderful if she was ok with all of this. It was certainly a memorable day for me as a wedding photographer! Marc took the umbrella from her dad and right there under the magic of this temperamental August sky, they exchanged vows.  And (I am not kidding) the moment they were leading up to that fist kiss … the sun made it’s appearance once again.  It was indeed magical. What an awesome moment for everyone leading right up to the celebration and dancing into the night amongst some of the prettiest details compliments of Bellisario Flowers and the staff at the Wyndgate.  Not a dry eye in the house when Sara & her dad took the floor for their father daughter dance. Here’s a few of my favorite moments and details of their day.

Sara & Marc … truly.  What a pleasure getting to know the two of you and being there to capture all of the expected and unexpected moments of your wedding day.  Watching the two of you fall deeper in love by the minute was incredible to watch and I’m humbled to have been even a small part of it all.  Wishing you both the very best, and so many adventures to come. xoxo, Mishelle


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