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Personal | Moments full of you.

For the rest of my life I will search for moments full of you.  

We are officially settled into our new home, new community and are starting to catch our breath from a whirlwind over the past 6 months. This new chapter for us is full of hope, new beginnings a fresh start and it feels really, really good.  We’ve had dance parties in the kitchen, snuggles at night and life is starting to return to “normal”.  But is it really?  Because normal will never really feel that way without him here. I’m still getting used to the idea of a “new normal”.  When we head out the door to take a walk there’s only three of us.  Or we set the table for three.  Or mommy is running back and forth from bedroom to bedroom trying to get everyone tucked in at bedtime.  Sometimes, I convince myself that It just will never feel right without him here …

But there are still moments that are full of him.  We know he’s here cheering us on, watching, celebrating our little wins right along with us.  We feel him all the time.  Sometimes, I even have to look over my shoulder and as I do I swear I will look right into his face.  Yes, it feels that real.  He feels that real.  But then the feeling fades as it always does and I’m left alone with my thoughts.  Sometimes happy – sometimes sad, but still full of happiness that is waiting for me on the other side of this thing called love & loss.

We made some of our first family memories over the weekend here as I hosted 12 of our close family & friends for a Mother’s Day Brunch. And considering we had only lived here for 8 days, it was a great time.  I got up at the crack of dawn, cranked up the tunes and started cooking a full menu of yumminess. The house quickly filled with laughter, a bunch of crazy kids and flowers. My niece Candice is shooting a book right now for a friend and needed some lifestyle shots for it.  Some of my favorite artwork in the house (aside from shots of my little ones) is from House of Belonging. They are huge pieces and they go perfectly with the scale of this house.  I love them in every way. So we were happy to play along with Candice and I’m thankful she was here to capture our very first Mother’s Day here at our new home. Here’s a peek.

Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015 (1)Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015 (5)Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015 (3)Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015 (2)Mishelle Lamarand Photography 2015 (4)

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